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Recent Farm Real Estate Auctions:

Sand Auction Sold $5,650 per acre 147 acres more or less on October 19th 2017 See Flyer Here

Mary Brooks Farm Sold $3,925 an acre, 188 acres more or less on October 25th 2017 See Flyer Here

Wyffels Auction Sold Parcel 1A $8,100, Parcel 1B $7,900, Parcel 1C $6,000 and Parcel 2 $6,300 318 acres October 17, 2015. Full listing PDF

Schehl Auction *Sold parcel 1 ($8100/acre) | parcel 2 ($5100/acre)*
160 acres Saturday February 22, 2014

Buysee Auction *Sold ($10500/acre)*
438 acres Monday November 25, 2013

Auctioneering Services

We specialize in the sale of real estate at auction. We provide pre-sale counseling, supervise preparation and presentation of property to be sold, handle all pre-sale showings, prepare and place all sale advertising, and of course, conduct the auction in a professional and businesslike manner.

Property sold by Holmstrom Real Estate

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